Factory prefabrication

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Factory prefabrication

Hebei Yingke Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd. has passed strict specifications for the production of prefabricated pipes, and can design products of different sizes according to customer requirements. These products have reliable quality and stable performance, and are widely used in electric power, oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, shipbuilding, heating, papermaking, metallurgy and other fields.

Our company's prefabricated pipe sections have passed the ASME S and PP stamps, and TSG factory prefabricated pipe sections are certified. We have first-class welding and testing equipment and mature welding processes to provide you with satisfactory products and services.

Design and manufacturing standards:

DL/T 5054-2016

ASME B31.1-2020

ASME B31.3-2018

ASME BPVC Section I-2021


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